The first lineup of this Santa Barbara alt-rock band was originally, and un-officially, formed in  2014. Lead guitarist Alec Cavazos and original drummer Jessica Lord had played together in several one-off bands with other local kids yet never had luck locking down a full time bassist, When needed Alec recruited his older brother Destin to step in. In the closing show at Santa Barbara's Skater's Point in 2014, Alec once again needed big brother to come to the rescue. Once the three were on stage, the chemistry was clear and Destin agreed to join the new band with the official sign off in 2015 under the name "adj." (short for adjective). adj took the first initials of the band as a clever marketing angle, but it soon became clear that the name "adj" had to go as people were expecting to see "a DJ" at their shows.  

In 2017 Destin and Alec took some new demos into the studio and came out with "Hidden City Sessions" and a new name, Porter. '17 was also the year that brought change on drums as Jessica (or Jess if you prefer) had to take a hiatus as she focused on getting into college. 

To road test some of the new songs, the boys recruited neighbor Owen Dawson on drums. However, drummer turmoil set in yet again as Owen too had to look into colleges. Another name controversy also set in at this time as the brothers learned there was an another band named "Porter" based out of Mexico. 2018 solved both of these issues by introducing current drummer Henry Kish to the lineup and a new band name in exPorter. "ex"Porter cause they all essentially were in a band named "Porter".

In October 2019, the boys released the single "Nightmare" to celebrate the Halloween season. On Halloween day itself, exPorter released it's first official EP - "Bored"

The boys play alternative rock including several originals written by the band. Covers reflecting their influences include songs by Blink-182, The Pixies, Green Day among others. 


Rockin SB since 2014. But don't take our word, check out this swell article on us - The Channels